But, I mean… Regardless of what you think it is a bit off that El would be chosen for maid of honor over one of Jay’s daughters, especially since they’re much older now, or even a longtime friend.

Parrish: When you said that they were obvious, you obviously meant clueless.

Danny: I told you man, they don’t think people can hear  … or use their brains.  Good luck!


I just really like their simultaneous jumps x


I just really like their simultaneous jumps x

'This isn't the last of  O n e  D i r e c t i o n’

Happy 4 Years One Direction! {July 23,2010}

i would like to thank god for his teeth

Jordan Parrish and Teen Wolf proving the know how to build up characters (they just never do)

Our first glimpse of Deputy Parrish is quick.

The fandom all just kind of halted and started in union at those pretty eyes and said can we keep him.

But we knew absolutely nothing about him.

And slowly, so slowly the writers of teen wolf gave us tidbits of him. Eased him into the show.

We learned his age, his former profession, all this while he continued to be subtlety mysterious on what he was doing in Beacon Hills.

Then season 4 comes around and he has slight interactions so far that give us a wide look into who he is.

We see in the scene with young Derek that he is cautious when approaching any work related situation. Later on, were shown that he is calm when dealing with anyone that he knows he can frighten, see both young Derek and Meredith.

Another thing we see about Parrish is that the Sheriff trusts him. This is for most of the time his only connection and relaxes us into Parrish interacting with other cast members. We see the Sheriff allowing him into the room with Derek, with Lydia, trusting that he won’t question what’s going on.

This leads me to another point, we are shown all through his interactions with others that Parrish is intelligent, he has a good sense of his instincts and trusts them. Also, he seems to take everything in stride.

The reason the entire fandom seems so gone on him is because he was eased into everyone’s lives before a story line for him developed. We learned about who he was, we were shown that we could trust him.

If Teen Wolf did this more often rather then: Here’s 10 new characters, love them all because we all do. The new characters wouldn’t have so many fans hostile and questioning their intentions.